Saturday, 2 July 2005

Knitting: Wrist Warmers

I really like this pattern.
It's a straight forward ribx2, and all you need to know is what kind of tension you do with the kind of wool you have. I got the pattern from the net and altered it slightly for the wool I had lying around so I'm not to sure of the specs: I think this one was about 8 ply mohair (feels like 4ply wool), with 3.25 needles (x4) and about 48 stitches (I think). It was a 6-stitch button hole for the thumb, with nothing else built on it. (This was not a big enough for a man's thumb).
This was my first go at circular knitting with multiple needles and I was pleased with the result. :)

Knitting: Blind Beanie & Scarf

I'm calling this a blind beanie because I really didn't know how it end.
I made the scarf first (waffle stitch), not knowing how far the wool would go. Once I got half way through the beanie I could see the it wouldn't last to the end, so I did a band of waffle stitch to link it to the scarf and then finished it with an pink wool of equal ply.
I also used the pink wool in the fringe. I tried a different style of fringing, rather than the simple loop hold, which required sewing it through. I liked the cross over effect in the end.
For some strange reason, the ribbing on the beanie turned out to be loose, so I sewed the pink wool through the edge in a cross-over style (to link with the fringing) and pulled it tighter. That is a pompom you can see there, hanging off about 4cm of wool (that was to use up the last of the pink wool)...
Its a weird mix in the end because I think the beanie is better suited to a baby, who wouldn't normally wear a scarf. And after all that I wouldn't normally knit anything like this if I didn't have wool to do something with. It does , however, prove that limitations often push your creativity.

Knitting: Beehive Beanie Project

This beehive beanie comes from the Stitch n' Bitch Nation book. It's not a great picture, and would look better on a head, but I didn't have one spare at the time. It's done in 8ply wool and I used what was left to make a band for your neck (I wanted to find a big flower button, but couldn't). There are also few bee buttons on there. Its a very easy pattern: essentially cast on, and with circular needles, purl 4 knit 2 and decrease as for a regular beanie. Obviously there's more to it but I'm not dealing with copyright issues on a blog...