Thursday, 8 March 2007

Who am I kidding...?

I've sent these to nearly everyone I've spoken to since 2001, and really, I should just blog them.
I don't care where they came from - they're from an email ergo they're public.

I just hope I have at least one of these types in my future classes...
The absurdist:
The Vet:

The Literal type:

The l a t e r a l thinker:

The one who's like a knife:

The early developer:

The poet:

and The genius:

Thursday, 1 March 2007

People are funny

The Capable Individuals Who Tabulate the US Census

Spanish guy: She's half Spanish.
Black woman: No, she's black.
Spanish guy: No, she's half Spanish.
Black woman: She ain't no half Spanish. Her name is Juanita. That don't sound Spanish to me.

Go, frolic, fill your day with out-of-context fun...

Overheard in New York

Dad: Give me a chip
Son: No, you'll just shove it all in your mouth like you always do.
Dad: No, I won't. I promise.
Son: Okay, I'll give you a chip if you promise not to yell at Mommy anymore.