Tuesday, 28 November 2006

No, it's not just you...

I was reading Dan's post on [redacted] about his family's birthday antics (found c/CB) and I recently gathered a similar story.

I attended the wedding of two great friends on the weekend. I don't know two better people - they're both generous, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, achieving, friendly, (good-looking darn it), and after a decade of knowing them - with at least 4 years of close friendship - I still don't know what their faults are. Unless 'inciting an inferiority complex' is one. It kills me.

One of them has an elderly grandad who's on oxygen. The contraption and cylinder rolls around with him and emits a high beep if the user isn't sucking enough juice out of it. So every now and then you get this 'flatline' sound in the background and any surrounding relatives give him a reminder-prod to breathe through his nose.
He was pretty deaf too. For example, after the MC announces the Bride and Groom to the reception room (you know, that couple in the big fancy clothes that everyone applauds, the grankiddies getting married) I hear "HE SAID 'JENNY AND JOHN MICHAELS'. HAVEN'T YOU GOT YOUR HEARING AID ON?"

So of course the speeches were excellent. The best man did a great job: "...as I'm sure you've learned, Jenny, during your two years living in sin together...'
Both the Bride and Groom made speeches and thank-yous. During the Groom's speech I got all teary (again), because he's just so freakin sweet, and couldn't decided if I was crying from joy or absurdity:
"She's just so fantastic. Every day has gotten better since I met her-"
Beeeeeeeeep"Breathe Mitch! Breathe!"
And I just couldn't hold it after that.


It says:

Cheers for that.

Friday, 24 November 2006

Tattoo Make-up is for suckers.

I have a good friend's wedding this weekend and yesterday I was browsing for make-up in a near-by chemist. As you do (or in case you don't) I marked my hand with a few lipsticks to see how they look and ended up with a nice little pink-red rainbow within about 10 mins.

Most places that stock a make-up range will also provide tissues to wipe off your 'experiment patch' (ooh, that phrase is so gunna catch). But not here. When I got back to the office, and had a go at it I was left with one of the colours holding fast to my skin like axl grease. I can't remember the name of it but I like to call it 'Pro Pink'. I also can't remember the brand, but do recall it was a double-ended type, with colour at one end and cover-gloss at the other.
This is what I have today, after a night's sleep and a shower:

Now I'll have to go and buy the damn stuff, and the nail polish, so I can co-ordinate with my freakin hand.

It's $30 a stick, so we can forget that. A good scrub did the job, although I lost some hair. Seriously, if you use it you'll have to plan a matching wardrobe for the following week.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

What genre is that?

We have a state election coming up.  I don't know the rules for bio/policy statements, or how one should refer to oneself, or even one's candidate. But it can't be like this. Around 17 uses of the candidate's name - Judith - starts to read a bit awkwardly after a while.
Reader doesn't like this. Reader feels that a ratio of 'proper noun : pronoun' of 3:1 is a bit silly. Reader can see that this might've been done to cover any concerns about citations, but Reader feels that, as this is a primary reference for the candidate, readability should prevail.
For other unfortunate election literature, I refer you to The Nightwatchman's piece on another candidate. Enjoy.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

As good as a holiday...

And in the absence of any real holiday heading my way, I've changed my blog template. Wheeeh!
While reading the paper today, loathing protestor efforts and the representation of protestors at yesterdays (Fridays?) G20 in Melbourne, I noticed a L.t.t.Editor lamenting the demand on people's compassion these days...
Make Poverty History - the Melbourne concert and festival - Nov 17-18
World Organ Donation Day - 26 Oct 2006
Thank You Day - November - for good research
National Walk To Work Day - 6 Oct
Victorian Bluey Day - 26 Aug
Loud Shirt Day - Nov 19 (today!)
Daffodil Day - Aug 25
Movember (for men's health)
and many more

And for a moment I thought, yeah, there's a fine line for some between giving out of consciousness (or conscienciousness, or whatever) and giving out of guilt.

But I also thought that it might be a reflector of the live-to-work mentality. If we worked to live, then maybe giving might be a natural part of one's lifestyle. Mind you, for many it is. Its just something that you do because you can, and its exactly because you can that you do and should.
No one's asking people to cry for these things, just to do the effortless parts that make it easier for those who do cry.

(oh, you'll be dripping with guilt by now.)

Funny ha ha

Ah, haiku. When will you ever funny stop? 

Saturday, 18 November 2006


Re my stoftness with students.
This has shifted. I still put up with students talking over me more than I should, but not as much as I did.
I did have a challenging person who wanted to be bored most of the time, lying on the floor, acting sleepy, feigning dumbness.
Here are my various reponses:
  • 'Try this first, then decide.' 
    Open and encouraging, but still allows the option of choosing boredom.
  • Say 'I want you to give it a go. I think you'll be good at this', place this in front of student and walk away.
    This worked a few times, but had to be done in the morning.
  • Work through task with student, usually after they'd said she didn't understand it.
    Worked in that the job got done, but didn't in that I was monopolised, and I soon learned that she did get it, but that she was either lying about it or hadn't listened the first time.
  • After three requests to get off the floor, or whatever avoidance strategy was being used, I'd say in a big stern voice "Sit up, get started and have a go! There no reason why you can't do this. I want to see (this much) by (when)."
    This, strangly, worked best. Usually this student would happily work really well and nicely for the rest of the day after this.  I still don't know that the go is there. Maybe she wanted to draw attention, get me 'upset', know that I cared enough to be upset for her, or know that I expected her to be on par with everyone else. She's a bright spark, nonethelesss.

Ready to Teach

With each teaching round you supervising teacher has to produce a report for your university. At the end of the report are two boxes, essentially saying Ok, or Not Ok. On your last round the 'Ok' option says 'Ready to teach'. And my teacher ticked that one. :D

The report has to be agreed on by both student-teacher and supervising teacher, and my ST seemed to have only one critical comment: Something to the effect of 'Should step back when more experienced teachers are present to take charge'. Which I think is code for 'bossy' and 'talks too much'*.

This has been a recurring problem in my life. I can cite being young for my year level (inferiority complex?), oooor being the youngest (by a long way) in my family (who chronically interrupt each other), or being bossy, or my previous post. But in the end I wasn't that worried about it... I've decided to put it down to reckless enthusiasm. I think that a few of the stepping-on-toes events might have been because of presumptions about student-teachers; how are they to know that I've worked with databases, or have a drama/dance background? Or that after 4 years of FT work I just can't be bothered acting recessive and/or submissive just to let people feel justified? I'm too old for that crap.
Ah, well,... its as good for them as it was for me, eh?

*I know that it may, mind you, also mean 'Overestimates her ability'. But I didn't take charge of anything in place of anyone else, or when uninvited, and I didn't get that message in her report either.

The End Part 1

Last Monday was my last day of teaching rounds for this year. It was my last day to officially practice teaching primary-school aged kids.  Once I get my results back on Dec 2 (God willing) I'll be done for the year.

Of course, as a regular IT user I've been feeling guilty for not posting more often during such interesting life events, but I've been afraid of unethically blurting our stories about children or other school antics. Interesting to me, not necessarily to others. Doesn't stop me from using the stories in general conversation though, with names removed/changed, of course. Case in point, the last words from the child who opened up and leaned on me the most were 'Can I go now?'

I also know that my 9yo neice reads this blog too, so I'm trying to keep it clean and appropriate, which is sort of pointless in blogging but I'm challenging myself to stay interesting without swearing. Which is going to be a pain in the ass in no time.
In other news...
  • I've already gotten temp work lined up for around Christmas, and its 3 days a week for about 6 weeks.  Note inherent up and down sides to that.
  • I've already gotten work during my 'week off'. See above.
  • I have a wedding of two best friends next weekend, that I'm really looking forward to, but have yet to find a gift we want to give them. (Up and down sides provided)
  • My youngest brother turned 40. Not really much more to add but I understand he had a really good time.
  • I've tried my best to understand the upcoming state election, but have become increasingly annoyed.
Other stuff as happened, of course...