Saturday, 18 November 2006

The End Part 1

Last Monday was my last day of teaching rounds for this year. It was my last day to officially practice teaching primary-school aged kids.  Once I get my results back on Dec 2 (God willing) I'll be done for the year.

Of course, as a regular IT user I've been feeling guilty for not posting more often during such interesting life events, but I've been afraid of unethically blurting our stories about children or other school antics. Interesting to me, not necessarily to others. Doesn't stop me from using the stories in general conversation though, with names removed/changed, of course. Case in point, the last words from the child who opened up and leaned on me the most were 'Can I go now?'

I also know that my 9yo neice reads this blog too, so I'm trying to keep it clean and appropriate, which is sort of pointless in blogging but I'm challenging myself to stay interesting without swearing. Which is going to be a pain in the ass in no time.
In other news...
  • I've already gotten temp work lined up for around Christmas, and its 3 days a week for about 6 weeks.  Note inherent up and down sides to that.
  • I've already gotten work during my 'week off'. See above.
  • I have a wedding of two best friends next weekend, that I'm really looking forward to, but have yet to find a gift we want to give them. (Up and down sides provided)
  • My youngest brother turned 40. Not really much more to add but I understand he had a really good time.
  • I've tried my best to understand the upcoming state election, but have become increasingly annoyed.
Other stuff as happened, of course...

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