Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Animals That Look Like Something 1

(It's highly optimistic of me to imply that this will become a series of posts, but what am I if not optimistic. Nothing. That's what.)

CuteOverload were good enough to bring Hitler Cats to our attention. Now you may think "Yeah, alright, how far than this go." Well, there is a surprising amount of cats with well placed black patches, but its the Hitler-in-spirit types that will keep me giggling - I refer here to the postings up to 06/21/06 12:30.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

What 'Stupid' is that?

Using a leaf blower on a windy day. Is it:
a) dopey?
b) moronic?
c) boneheaded?
d) fatheaded? or
e) Other _______________

Monday, 26 June 2006

Film Review: The Break Up

Better than I thought it would be. Had some funny bits. But Vince Vaughn has too many eyelids, and I just don't find him attractive or endearing. Sorry.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Film Review: Stayin' Alive

Not very good.

Happy Couples

I recently asked some friends if it was really any different being married, for them at least. And it turns out it is. Her family had changed, his hadn't. Her family seemed to feel that it was now all as it should be. Granted, they had gone out a long time, and the proposal has a story, but it was never really as though anyone was being stuffed around.
I feel, in my long-term relationship, that where his family is looking forward to a wedding, my family is waiting for a wedding. It's taken a while to convince my family that they don't have to worry about the situation, and as civil as my family is, 'forthrightness' has never really been a stretch, so it often makes me uncomfortable.
But here's what I wonder: is it a sexism thing? Do people still think that because the guy usually does the asking, the girl is at the mercy of the relationship? Or does it just depend on how long a couple has been going out? or their age? What's the age/relationship length ratio before families start thinking 'What are you doing with our girl?' Do people assume that a lack of a marriage proposal means a lack of decisions in general?

The end of part 1 of 4

I've finished first semester. Well, really I finished it about two weeks ago. I now have the rich fortune of being able to repay every Nelson 'ha ha' my boyfriend gave me for those dozen or so 8am lectures: I'm so far unspoken for until sometime in July. What. A. Shame.

I've applied for a job, but I'm not that fussed about its outcome, no right now. Maybe in a few days I'll be up for it. Maybe its because I'm hung over. I'm not sure.

I can safely say, however, that I'm glad I started the course. I've enjoyed it. It's been challenging. I'm watching Stayin' Alive. John Travolta's doing 'angry dancing'. That hair makes his head look big.