Friday, 18 November 2005

The Beanies and Booties...

went to my new neice - Claire Elizabeth, almost 9lbs!! Gorgeous girl.

Thursday, 17 November 2005

From my sister

About a conversation with my neice (8yo):

Last night after tea Jenny said there should be a little space ship with a camera on the front sent out into space into the universe to keep on going to get to the end as she didn't think the universe could go on for ever. I said if it didn't go on for ever then it would have an edge, like at the end of it. And there would have to be something on the other side of the edge, even if it was nothing. She thought really hard about it, and then said she'd have to go and do something else because thinking about it was making her brain dizzy.

Wednesday, 16 November 2005


I live in a nice suburb, one of the nicest in Melbourne. Recently we had what we call 'hard rubbish collection' which is when everything that's rubbish, non-chemical and movable by two guys gets left on the nature strip for the council to take away.

Sometimes its a real community event; people set up on the porch to see how long the stuff sticks around, taking bets on what time of day that partial lounge suite will get hauled off by a passer-by.

But I, personally, take issue with putting out functional and useful items for 'rubbish' collection. And I have found that my area brings out the worst in me regarding this.

Here is a list of what poeple put out in the last of our local rounds: a child's mattress, a double mattress, a fireplace hearth, 6 matching and undamaged chairs, various working deskchairs, two matching chairs, a turntable with two speakers, another turntable with speakers, wooden drawers, a jason recliner, another large mattress, various toys, and other things that I DON'T THINK ARE ACTUALLY RUBBISH.

Why don't these people donate things that could so clearly be of use to a charity group. Some of them even come and pick up the big items.

What's more, most of these things were put out the day before a heavy and expected evening storm, making almost everything officially rubbish.
What waste.