Wednesday, 16 November 2005


I live in a nice suburb, one of the nicest in Melbourne. Recently we had what we call 'hard rubbish collection' which is when everything that's rubbish, non-chemical and movable by two guys gets left on the nature strip for the council to take away.

Sometimes its a real community event; people set up on the porch to see how long the stuff sticks around, taking bets on what time of day that partial lounge suite will get hauled off by a passer-by.

But I, personally, take issue with putting out functional and useful items for 'rubbish' collection. And I have found that my area brings out the worst in me regarding this.

Here is a list of what poeple put out in the last of our local rounds: a child's mattress, a double mattress, a fireplace hearth, 6 matching and undamaged chairs, various working deskchairs, two matching chairs, a turntable with two speakers, another turntable with speakers, wooden drawers, a jason recliner, another large mattress, various toys, and other things that I DON'T THINK ARE ACTUALLY RUBBISH.

Why don't these people donate things that could so clearly be of use to a charity group. Some of them even come and pick up the big items.

What's more, most of these things were put out the day before a heavy and expected evening storm, making almost everything officially rubbish.
What waste.

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