Tuesday, 10 July 2007


KSC6 Demonstrate an ability to be an active learner who is prepared to participate in the development and improvement of their teaching skills, particularly in the area of learning technologies.

EG! NNh Futhe Frikkin SHHChroist.

a) I've spent the last 2 years doing a teaching degree.

b) I intend to practice the degree through a job, preferably teaching.

c) I use IT in the classroom with blogs, wikis, bridgebuilder, mathletics... ugh,

I hate these teaching applications. Each one seems to be just a bit different to the last, so you can't reuse your answers and I haven't learnt the art of wanking well enough to whip it all out.

Its just such a toss. Can't they just put all the possible KSCs on a form for us to fill out, like say 20 of them, and they can choose8 to read. What's so wrong about that?

So Tie-tie

When I was a kid - in Grade 4 I can distinctly recall - I would daydream about having beds instead of desks, so that we could snuggle into the perfect temperature while at school. I'm begining to have the same craving now.
The skin around my eyes feels like old omlettes.

Monday, 9 July 2007

It Bekhomes Me Darhlink

I went over to the Drama Guild at lunch to borrow a script and when I got there I realised that I'd forgoten my membership card.
It turned out I could still borrow, but I asked the guy at the counter if he needed to see any ID to prove I'm who I say I am and he said 'No, I recognise you from Wednesday night's show"

a haw haw... gee

Of course, by the time I got back to my building I realised I was walking down the street in a big white coat, holidng a Big Issue, a soy-vanilla latte and a script set in 1922 England/Italy and thought 'hmm. maybe I should pull my head in...'