Sunday, 19 November 2006

As good as a holiday...

And in the absence of any real holiday heading my way, I've changed my blog template. Wheeeh!
While reading the paper today, loathing protestor efforts and the representation of protestors at yesterdays (Fridays?) G20 in Melbourne, I noticed a L.t.t.Editor lamenting the demand on people's compassion these days...
Make Poverty History - the Melbourne concert and festival - Nov 17-18
World Organ Donation Day - 26 Oct 2006
Thank You Day - November - for good research
National Walk To Work Day - 6 Oct
Victorian Bluey Day - 26 Aug
Loud Shirt Day - Nov 19 (today!)
Daffodil Day - Aug 25
Movember (for men's health)
and many more

And for a moment I thought, yeah, there's a fine line for some between giving out of consciousness (or conscienciousness, or whatever) and giving out of guilt.

But I also thought that it might be a reflector of the live-to-work mentality. If we worked to live, then maybe giving might be a natural part of one's lifestyle. Mind you, for many it is. Its just something that you do because you can, and its exactly because you can that you do and should.
No one's asking people to cry for these things, just to do the effortless parts that make it easier for those who do cry.

(oh, you'll be dripping with guilt by now.)

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