Friday, 24 November 2006

Tattoo Make-up is for suckers.

I have a good friend's wedding this weekend and yesterday I was browsing for make-up in a near-by chemist. As you do (or in case you don't) I marked my hand with a few lipsticks to see how they look and ended up with a nice little pink-red rainbow within about 10 mins.

Most places that stock a make-up range will also provide tissues to wipe off your 'experiment patch' (ooh, that phrase is so gunna catch). But not here. When I got back to the office, and had a go at it I was left with one of the colours holding fast to my skin like axl grease. I can't remember the name of it but I like to call it 'Pro Pink'. I also can't remember the brand, but do recall it was a double-ended type, with colour at one end and cover-gloss at the other.
This is what I have today, after a night's sleep and a shower:

Now I'll have to go and buy the damn stuff, and the nail polish, so I can co-ordinate with my freakin hand.

It's $30 a stick, so we can forget that. A good scrub did the job, although I lost some hair. Seriously, if you use it you'll have to plan a matching wardrobe for the following week.

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