Wednesday, 16 June 2004

National Day of Sleepiness

I nominate this day, June 16th, as a National Day of Sleepiness. Everyone I've met today could be a mascot for this day of attempted celebration. We could message each other about how we intended to catch up and drink cough syrup (or some other drowsy drug), but that we just couldn't get out of bed. We could get other people to call our workplace and let them know we couldn't be bothered making up an excuse and take it off my annual leave if you must. We could watch daytime telly in our pj's. And we could pay homage to those trailblazers who are just too tired to celebrate this National Day when we, as a nation, celebrate our natural state of sleepiness.
(Not to be confused with our National Day of Apathy, June 17)

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