Sunday, 24 April 2005

Restaurant Review: Il Nostro Posto

Recently I tried to find a good place in Melbourne to eat. This, in itself is not a problem, but choosing where to eat is near impossible. I wanted to be in the CBD and I felt like Italian, which doesn't narrow it down much.
I went to a few staple-sites first to get a clue, and, as a backup, I was curious about Il Nostro Posta on Hardware Lane. I could not find a thing about the place outside of the White Pages. Mietta's and Citysearch didn't have it (which is poor for Citysearch becuase they usually have at least a listing for a place, if not a review or some info). Searching for the name gave me a gazillion italian sites: searching for the name + Hardware or Melbourne got me nothing. (Was I in the wrong search engine? I don't care.)
So I threw caution to the wind, and did it the old way. I called them, got the price range, and made a booking.
It was excellent.
Our waiter was friendly, accommodating, thoughtful and thorough. He was very well versed in the menu. He even made sure there were enough things on the shared plates so we could divide them evenly. It was all there as far as the service goes.
The prices were good for the quality of food we got, which was high in our opinion. Maybe we're not exposed enough, but we do try to visit a new place each time we go out. Six of us clocked up about $260 (About $45 each for a 21/2 course meal and wine).
The specials included quail, rabbit, mussells and marlon. The two of us who had the mussels only said good things. The pasta al Ragu was very hearty and the poultry we had was just right.
The wine was a very good suggestion and the dessert (though I rarely have anything bad to say about desserts) was damn yummy.
Basically, after having one of the best dinner experiences I've had in a long time, I was quite surprised that there was no review to be found on the net. So I've written one.
41/2 chefs hats.

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