Sunday, 9 October 2005

Brian's Carlton Guernsey - Part 2

Previously I posted a photo of a vest I made for my nephew, and below is the pattern for it. I will post a scan of the logo grid but this could be used for a regular vest with other logos or colour variations...


6 yo Brian
Measurements: Chest – 60cm,
neck to hip – 37cm, neck to shoulder – 8cm


Wool: 5ply navy / white in 4 / 1 balls (100g)
Needles: 3mm and 3.25mm


Stst.. Stocking stitch
CO... Cast on
BO.... Bind off
R...... row
St..... Stitch
W..... work stitches as required to make stst style
Red.. Reduce: -
........ On Perl row: K2tog as required
........ On knit row: slip 1, W1, Slip slipped st over.


15sts x 17rows = 2” sq (or 29sts x 33rows = 10 cm2)



CO 97 stitches.
Single rib for 15mm (approx 6 rows)
Stst for 23cm total.


R1-4: CO3 W to end
R5&6: W
R7&8: W2#, Red1, W to last 4, Red1, W2
R9: W
R10, 12&14: W2, Red2, W to last 5, Red2, W2
R11, 13&15: W
R16: W
R17: W1, Red2, W to last 4, Red1, W2
R18&19: W
R20: W2, Red1, W to last 4, Red1, W2.

Neck & Shoulder:

At 36cm, work to 4 from centre, Red2, W2, place just-worked stiches on holder, place centre stitch of pin or similar, W2, Red2, work to end
R2: W to 5 from end, Red2, W2
R3: W2, Red1, W to end
R4: W to 4 from end, Red 1, W2
R5: W
R6: W to 4 from end, Red1, W2
R7: W2, Red1, W to end
R8: W to 4 from end, Red1, W2
R9: W2, Red1, W to end.
From here, when working away from neck, [W2, Red1], when working away from arm [BO6].

Pick up other side and duplicate.


CO 97 stitches.
Single rib for 15mm (approx 6 rows)
Stst for 5cm (6.5cm total).
Begin image.

At 23cm work armhole.


R1-6: CO2, w to end
Odd rows R7: W2, Red1 work to last 4, Red1 W2, rep 5 times (ie, to R15)
R8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 17: W

AT R14 (after approx 27cm total)

Place centre stitch on holder

R20: W2, Red1


BO6 when knitting towards neck.


(R1 on neck is R15 on armhole)
R1, 3 & 5: W2, Red1
Then *W2, Red1*Even Rows till R28 (inc) (i.e. 11 times)
R31: W2, Red1
R35: W2 Red 1

HERE (after approx 27cm)


R37: w2, Red1

Sew together at sides and shoulder seams


With circular or dble ended needles, pick up no. of stitches as indicated below.
Knit single rib for 15mm (same no. of rows as bottom hem)
Neck: ___ stitches, including those held at the centre of the front and back edges.
Arm: ___ evenly

#Note: at points of reduction, the margin of W2 can be W1 if preferred.


Anonymous said...
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Glenn said...

Here's a knitting project for you. Wooly zombies!!

The original Dawn of the Dead or the 1979 Grand Final, I don't know which is more gruesome.

Karen said...

Hi Alison

Did you ever post your grid for the Carlton logo on the vest you knitted for your nephew? My son is a mad keen Carlton supporter and I wanted to knit him a hot water bottle with the logo on. Your grid would save me having to make my own! Can you please let me know if you still have it? Thanks heaps.