Monday, 3 July 2006

Who knew!!

Last Wednesday I interviewed for a temping agency.
Then on Friday I got a one-day job on a reception.
And I got another one today. Who knew it would be so fruitful!!
Its an oddly rewarding thing to have a 'job to do' but very little to do in it. The phone rings half as often here as at Friday's office, and that wasn't very often at all. But, where Friday's office was immaculate and sparse, today's desk has 15 piles of paper on it and three machines. (Granted, Friday's office had a water feature that mostly inspired a need-to-go-to-the-loo feeling, rather than any nice Feng Shui-ness.) (Friday's office also had signs on the back of each toilet door saying "To maintain good Feng Shui and success at Co. please place the toilet seat down after use." It was permanent.) Yet, in both I have no real task other than to answer the phone. Not that I'm complaining. And I'm trying not to jinx myself. But there you go. It's a tough life for some.

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