Thursday, 28 June 2007

Internet Fads Suck

Yeah I'll join your bloody MySpace . AND your Facebook. But I won't enjoy it.
Well, a little. MySpace is fun for about as long as a new set of Barbie clothes. But I don't really like Barbie, and now I only go there to change the outfit.
Facebook, while a better networking system than Myspace, I think, is not as good as Flickr for photo management. So I won't be posting any there, I think.
the odd thing is that I felt like posting to the MySpace blog portion, and I did, but I think no one on MySpace knows that its there. So no one reads it. And if no-one's going to read my MySpace blog, they may as well not read my blogger blog, so I'm going to stick to this one. I'm even considering reposting what I put in MySpace to this site, so as not to waste potential blog-points. So to speak. (It's no where near as intellectually impressive as this blog though...)
With only 2 and a bit weeks to go till my last semester starts, I've been woefully unemployed since classes finished. All of one day of temp work so far, but have scored a research assistant job at uni, which is lovely. I also have a week at a dance school holiday program. I haven't done it before so I keep swinging from panic (first time! new kids! big groups!) to calm (hello - "holiday program").
I visited the Melbourne Aquarium with my sister's family. I approve. I also enjoyed watching a scuba diver getting harassed by three huge stingrays and a turtle, plus one educational assistant get cornered by my niece. He was only able to interrupt her with "Okay, can I teach you something now?"
Our weather is gloriously wet but I'm still wearing fingerless mittens at the keyboard. I'm trying to knit for charities but getting frustrated at the slow speed of production. The play I'm in opens tonight and I'm not nervous enough, but my time there is split bw a small role and being assistant stage manager.
In short, life feels quiet, but its not.

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