Sunday, 11 May 2008

Almost an update

I've finally caught a cold, after about half the staff at my primary school. It was bound to happen eventually.

So last week, in my 13th week of teaching, I just felt like I was getting traction with my class; just beginning to be able to get my hands around what I was teaching them and being able to identify positive returns.
And then people started talking about reports.
I've got 29 students, and each of them need a mark from me about 33 subject elements (33 dimensions under 13 domains, in the jargon.) If I was sending to post secret it would say something like "I'm scared that I'll have to guess about half of the grades for all my students. I feel sick when I know I'm lying". But I know I'm not alone - we haven't yet addressed some of these things so will properly mark them next semester; some of these things we cannot fit in. (I certainly can't - I'm still figuring out what makes sense to most of my students, with children and teenagers within the mix.)
I suspect it will be years before I can expertly wrangle in all the knowledge they're to receive and the skills I need to observe. Of course, the Dept. has most likely created a framework within which all this would work, but - of course - no school follows a dept. framework; they have their own inquiry schedule or something fancier. And of course my school is going for the IBO, which is a whole other kettle of international fish. (Hopefully, by the time I figure out how to address all this, I'll be good enough at it that I can cope with the chance in curriculum.)


In other news, I got engaged and turned 30.

Must call my mum.

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