Sunday, 15 June 2008

Go ing in sa ane

OK. I've recorded the 37 grades for each of my 29 students. Used way too much deliberation, and was probably too generous.

I've done comments about their achievements, areas for improvmeent and what is coming for 17.3 students.

I've just started to tip over the edge.

On Friday I was giddy with denial about how much I had to do. Yesterday, with only 3 students' comments done, I sat in this chair from 8-6 and again from 8-11 and beat the crap out of another batch. Since I began teaching my brain has been waking me up about 7:30-8am, but today it slacked off and got me up at 9:30 ish. Four hours later - with 11.6 students' comments to go - and I think I can see a teeny tiny sparkle somewhere on the horizon. But its on the otherside of crazy.

Seriously; I'm wiggling in my chair bw each set of comments going "ee elaa, laa, laaa, bup-bummm, mmmm". And there's no escape. I have to sit here till I get this Done. And then I need to proofread the lot before I descend into the kind of nutty that goes with reading screens in poor lighting after daylight.

Tomorrow I'll be giddy with report-writing-freedom and panic from a lack of planning for the coming week.

Go ahead. Tell me how I brought it upon myself.

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