Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Customer Freaking Service

This, people, is customer service...
You are now chatting with *Customer Service Rep* (Returns & Exchanges)

CSR: hi there
Me: Hello!
CSR: how can I help?
Me: I ordered a tea set and it arrived with damages.
Me: Do you do replacements or refunds? What's the best thing to do next?
CSR: oh no!
Me: I know! It's cute as too.
CSR: what is the order number?
Me: *typed in number here*
CSR: I can look into what I can do for you
Me: That would be great! I was half way through writing up a ticket and attaching photos, but wasn't sure if it was the right way to do it.
CSR: what/how was it damaged?
Me: A cup was broken, one had lost a handle, the spout of the pot broke off, a saucer was broken and another was chipped.
CSR: wow!
CSR: I'm so sorry
Me: It's ok. It's just that it's not really a 'set' any more...
CSR: would you like me to try to get another set out to you? or would you like a refund?
Me: I would like a replacement set, at best (a refund is my second pref), but I'm wondering about the packaging.
Me: I know it travelled a long way but the boxes - both the delivery box and the set box - don't look very beat up. I'm wondering if there's any point in replacing the set if the product packaging doesn't adequately protect the new one any...
Me: Would you like any photos?
CSR: no, it's ok
CSR: I will go ahead request a new one sent to you.
Me: That would be fantastic!
Me: Is there anything you need me to do for that to happen?
CSR: nope. I will take care of it
CSR: Also, don't worry about sending back the broken set.
Me: Really?! That's it? There's nothing I need to fill out or email?
CSR: you can discard of the damaged pieces, and keep the unbroken ones
CSR: :)
CSR: no, I can handle it from here.
CSR: I don't want to cause you anymore trouble
Me: Far out. That's fantastic!! Thank you so much! That's some of the best customer service I've ever experienced :D
CSR: Thanks!
CSR: If you need anything else, please let me know.
Me: Shall do! Thank you!

In twenty minutes. You rock ModCloth. Rock on.


Update: I received the next set in very good time. Parts of it were broken but I had enough for a full set. Delight!!

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