Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bloody marvellous

Dear Allie,

I tried to comment on your post but it has maxed out at 5000! I am very pleased for you about hat, though I don't envy the task of appreciating them all (I naturally assume they're all lovely).  ACtually, no, 5000 "You are awesome"s would probably be nice.  I hope it warms you.

After reading your previous post I wanted to let you know that this one really did make me laugh.  Lots.  I turned the screen around and forced* my husband to sit by me and read the comics (especially the 'Stay Strong' one) and I watched his face to see if he appreciated it as much as I did.  And he did - he guffawed, and he's an introvert!

I hope I get to see more of your thoughts soon.  I wish I'd had your blog to read when I was a teenager.

Lots of love,


*By 'forced' I mean I say "Do that household chore later silly!  This is important!"  
"What is?" 
"Hyperbole and a half is posting again."  
"See, I'm sure you just say it the opposite way to whichever way I say it." 
"You're doing that conversation-in-your-head thing again."

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