Monday, 16 January 2006

I play Flickr. So what?

An interesting comment at Antenna on why Flickr has become so popular and, especially for those who post to it, intriguing and addictive.
... flickr is inherently, down-to-its-bones about play. If you look at a list of the elements of a successful game, they are all present in flickr: a sense of space to explore, a range of challenges, a range of abilities which can succeed, the need for preparation and skill, a variable feedback system... - read more

Question is: is blogging really much different...?


Glenn said...

Ooh, new blog template!

I can't get enough of Flickr. I spend way way way too much time looking through complete strangers' party photo sets.

There's something I don't get but. Now I'm not complaining or anything but why are there so many party pics of girls kissing girls on Flickr (or in street papers' club photos for that matter)?

And the way most of the situations look more awkward than alluring makes this 'raunch culture' thing even more tiresome.

mandylane79446872 said...
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