Sunday, 26 February 2006

We're back!

We've been back for almost a week now. We did around 6,500kms going up to Bateman's Bay, doing a loop around the Snowies, going along the Murray, over to Adelaide and along the coast back to Melbourne, all in a campervan. (Which I recommend - see a few photos of it here.) My old workmates are suitably envious of my tan, uneven as it is (becuase its natural. uh huh). And its all about to end.

I start a two-year teaching degree tomorrow at 8am.

Now, at this stage, I could discuss my keenness, apprehensions and fears for about 8Mb but I suspect that articulating all this will burst the bubble, so to speak. So, I'm going to leave it for a while and say that if you are particularly interested then, by all means, let me know: we'll chat.

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