Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Connex, you suck

Below is my complaint to Connex. Its very mature and reserved, a lot less colourful than it was in my head on the way to work.
I try to be rather zen on public transport; I know it's likely to both suck and blow, and so I try not to let it ruin or define my day and allow enough time for the stuff ups/acts of God.
Here's today's episode/complaint:

The 8:28am city-bound train usually leaves Malvern from Platform 1. The system (overhead board) indicated this but about 2 minutes before the train arrived both the board and the automated announcement changed and stated that the train would leave from Platform 3. At least 100 people went to Plat.3, and listened to another announcement confirming that the 8:28 would arrive at Plat.3. We then saw the train arrive and stop at Plat.1. A lot of people ran back to Plat.1 to catch the train (which waited) but I chose not to as my shoes aren't safe for running down ramps. And I shouldn't have to.

The young woman left to defend the mistake coped very well with the swearing and dirty looks. Whether or not she's experienced enough, you need to have two people on at Malvern during peak times.Then we all crammed onto the next train - the 8:36, which arrived as scheduled and announced. This train was slow, as it stopped at all stations and each time we coped with another batch of grumpy people to fit on the train (not guilty of holding others up, I think, but those who wouldn't squish down the carriage might be).

The summer timetable is inadequate and should end on the second Monday of January. While Caulfield is a junction stop and receives all trains, Malvern services those to the northwest of Caulfield: it would be sensible to increase the train frequency between 8am and 8:50am.Luckily I don't have a job that requires me to be at the office on the dot at 9am, but I should be able to get to Williams/Collins by then when I arrive at Malvern station by 8:20am.

posted at I encourage everyone to complain whenever they feel the need: think of it as constructive feedback. Or comeuppance.

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