Sunday, 24 December 2006

In case anyone's watching.

This week has been quiet on the blog front. My uncle passed away last weekend and the funeral was mid week. He was an excellent man: generous; friendly; always enjoyed himself and encouraged other to do so too; has wonderful children; an iconic type to me.
Favourite phrases include,

  • "G'day sweetheart. (with hug)"
  • "Who's is that noble dog?!"
  • "Well, I've confirmed it: All these pieces belong to another jigsaw puzzle."

It was an excellent funeral - one that had clearly benefited from my uncle being able to contribute and plan at least a little.

Two of my cousins did beautiful speeches, esp from my uncle's eldest son.

I bawled, of course, and my complexion makes me look like I've been crying for a day after only 5 mins.

The wake was at a golf club and then family went back to the house for a fish-and-chips dinner. Except for his noticable absence, it was a celebratory day.  I suspect Boxing Day will be much the same.

Anyway, that's why it all been a bit low.

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