Sunday, 4 February 2007

Yet more confusion

Ah the joy of doing international hobbies.
Below is a table of shorthand instructions for various crochet stitches.
I'm still not sure what the AU half double / US half single is...

Shorthand terms
So Imagine a slipstitch described so: “Pass hook through ch, draw yarn through both sts on hook.”
In shorthand this is described: Insert, pull-thru-2
(as in, insert the hook into ch, and draw yarn through two loops on the hook – the stitch being used for insertion is included as a loop).

Also, where a description might say: “*yarn twice around hook, draw a loop through next ch, draw a loop through first 2 loops on hook, draw a loop through next 2 loops, then another through last 2 loops (thereby competing one long treble st), rep from *” (Patons' Learn to Crochet pamphlet)
In shortcut it would be: Loop twice, insert, pull-thru-2 three times.

Short description of stitchAustralian/EuropeanAmerican
loopyoh (yarn over hook)yo (yarn over)
Insert, pull-thru-2sc/slst (single or slipstitch)?
??hdc (half double crochet)hsc (half single crochet)
Loop, insert, pull-thru-1, pull-thru-3htr (half treble)hdc (half double crochet)
Loop, insert, pull-thru-1, pull thru-2 twicetr (treble) dc (double crochet)
Loop twice, insert, pull-thru-2 thrice!dtr (double treble)tr (treble)
Loop three times, insert, pull-thru-2 four timestrip tr (triple treble)dtr (double treble)
Loop 5 times, insert, pull-thru-2 six timesquintr (quintuple treble)silly

Australian stitch instructions taken from Patons Australia (Patons Australia, Brunswick Vic), except quintr stitch from Craft Moods’ Learn to Crochet (ed. Vicki Moodie, ISBN 1 876383 05 9)
Instructions for US stitches taken from Erika Knight’s Simple Crochet.
Table derived from Margaret Metcalfe's Tips.

If you know to fill in the blanks, please comment and do so!

I did a table!!

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