Monday, 8 September 2008

Things I have learned

Thank you BCIB, you rock my world.
I had an awful gut feeling about this Abortion Bill bruhaha and you've articulated what I haven't had the brain-space or knowledge to say (or possibly the nance to research properly): its a crock. The angst about late-term abortion is completely disproportionate to its presence in society. It would be like the US banning Australians because Phillip Island has drugs. I wish I had enough energy to do something more. Will I have enough energy to provide a diplomatic, amoral response to my students when they ask what its all about during our discussions about democratic processes..? Will I flinch and wonder if their parents understand what's going on...

The energy for this post, however, is fall out from previous whining. I found BCIB's thoughts when hoeing into my feeds and I was sill itchy after lamely nyer-ing at the Melbourne Herald Sun about their inflammatory, misleading, old-white-man title for an article that says no such thing: Too stoned to study. Even the online title - while less rude - isn't even that indicative. Not only that, the article isn't news, isn't cute, isn't new - and it with two supporting articles filled 3/4 of a page in today's paper. Barrel scraping, HS; weak. (I even emailed MediaWatch asking if there's some sort of threshold for article/title relationships. When I'm old, I plan on writing letters about the stamps that are too small for my bad eyes. I practice now.)
Are titles created by another department at the HS? They're two kliks away from bolding all the nouns. Hacks.

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